Alaska Hunting Regulations


These regulations are not quoted verbatim from state law. They have been simplified for your convenience. In addition, be aware that issued emergency orders may contain hunting and trapping season information which may take precedence over information in the Hunting and Trapping Regulation booklets found below.

For further details, contact your local Alaska Department of Fish and Game office.

Hunting Regulations — Complete Booklet
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Hunting Regulations — Individual Sections
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  1. General Information (PDF 1,227 kB) (pages 1 – 23, 34 – 36)
    General Information • Table of Contents • Licenses and Tags • Harvest Tickets and Permits • Methods and Means • Possession and Transportation • Use of Game • Emergency Taking of Game • Definitions • Common Violations
  2. Information for All Bear Hunters (PDF 525 kB) (pages 24 – 27)
  3. Deer In Alaska (PDF 386 kB) (page 28)
  4. Identifying a legal Caribou (PDF 410 kB) (page 29)
  5. Identifying a legal Moose (PDF 560 kB) (pages 30 – 31)
  6. Identifying a legal Muskoxen (PDF 370 kB) (page 32)
  7. Identifying a legal Ram (PDF 487 kB) (page 33)
  8. Overview of Game Management Units (PDF 1,035 kB) (37 – 38)
  9. Seasons and Bag Limits by Game Management Unit (the GMUs listed below contain pages 39 – 139)
    To view information on big game species, bag limits, seasons, restrictions, and a map of each GMU select a Game Management Unit (GMU) from the map or the list below. PDF Files (400 – 1,000 K). Larger versions of the Game Management Unit maps are available at: Game Management Units section of our website.
    Map of Game Management Units GMU 26 GMU 25 GMU 24 GMU 23 GMU 22 GMU 21 GMU 20 GMU 19 GMU 18 GMU 17 GMU 16 GMU 15 GMU 14 GMU 13 GMU 12 GMU 11 GMU 10 GMU 9 GMU 8 GMU 7 GMU 6 GMU 5 GMU 4 GMU 3 GMU 2 GMU 1

    Game Management Unit

  10. Fur Animals, Small Game, Unclassified Game, and Deleterious Exotic Wildlife (PDF 300 kB) (pages 140 – 142)
  11. Transfer of Possession Form (PDF 193 kB) (page 143) To be filled out before transferring unprocessed game meat to others either permanently (given as a gift) or temporarily for the purpose of transport.
  12. Wildlife Safeguard (PDF 399 kB) (page 144)

You may request a hard copy of the Alaska Hunting Regulations by emailing, by calling (907) 465-4190, or pick up a copy of the regulations at your nearest Fish and Game Office.

Interested in submitting a hunting photo for possible use in future regulations or on our website? Please download this Wildlife Conservation Division Photo Submission Form (PDF 149 kB), which includes information on how and where to submit your images.

Bear Baiting Regulations

Download the Bear Baiting Seasons and Requirements (PDF 365 kB).

Waterfowl Regulations

Waterfowl/Migratory Bird Hunting Regulations (PDF 656 kB)

Small Game Regulations


Alaska Falconry Manual (PDF 704 kB)

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