Lower Cook Inlet Management Area
Fishing Management

Management of Alaska's Sport Fisheries


The Division of Sport fish is tasked with the management of Alaska's sport fisheries for sustainability and opportunity, through regulations and management plans adopted by the Alaska Board of Fisheries. Enforcement of fishing regulations is primarily the responsibility of the Alaska Department of Public Safety Alaska Wildlife Troopers.

At times, the Division issues inseason regulatory changes, called Emergency Orders, if the sustainability of a stock is at risk, or an over-abundance creates additional fishing opportunity. Emergency Orders are sent to radio stations, newspapers, and television stations, and posted on our Sport Fishing Emergency Orders and News Releases web page. We maintain hotline recordings at:

  • (907) 235-6930 (Homer)
  • (907) 267-2516 (Anchorage)
  • (907) 424-7535 (Cordova)
  • (907) 486-5176 (Kodiak)

Or you can contact the Anchorage Sport Fish Information Center at Homer ADF&G office at (907)235-8191, (907) 267-2218, the Cordova ADF&G office at (907) 424-3212, or the Kodiak ADF&G office at (907) 486-1880.

For area fishing information please see the Homer/Southern Kenai sport fishing reports. View our most recent Area Management Report on sport fisheries in the Lower Cook Inlet area.


Pacific Halibut

Pacific halibut fisheries are managed by the federal government under international treaty. Federal possession and landing requirements for sport-caught halibut differ from state regulations. Proxy fishing for halibut is not allowed. The Pacific halibut season runs from February 1 to December 31 annually. The bag limit for unguided anglers is two per day with no size limit, four in possession. Consult federal regulations for bag, size and possession limits for guided (charter) anglers.

Federal halibut regulations are available from: