AK Numbers

  • All vessels (powered and unpowered) used to provide sport fish guided activities must have a current AK number issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles prior to becoming registered with ADF&G. Vessels that have a unique USCG Documentation Number do not have to have an AK number.
  • The only exemption to the AK number or unique USCG Documentation Number are single person flotation tubes.
  • Saltwater vessels become registered with ADF&G when a logbook is issued to that vessel.
  • Freshwater vessel registration forms available in ADF&G area offices.
  • For each vessel that is registered with ADF&G, one set of guide vessel decals and year stickers will be provided, one for each side of the vessel.
  • Vessel decals and year stickers must be clearly displayed on each side of the vessel. Decals and year stickers do not have to be permanently affixed to the vessel; they can be placed on Plexiglas or plywood for easy placement and removal.
  • Annual year stickers will be issued to those who already have decals.
  • Decals are designed to last 3 to 4 years.

Alaska Vessel Requirements