Online Bear Baiting Clinic

Clinic Requirements

Thank you for your interest in the Online Bear Baiting Clinic. After successfully completing this course and passing the online test, you will be entered into our database and be eligible to register a bear baiting station. You will also be able to print a certificate for your records. You must be at least 18 years old to register a bait station. While there is no age restriction for taking the course, it is not recommended for hunters under the age of 10. Young hunters may use a bear bait station registered by someone else. If so, they are encouraged to take this course for information purposes.

The core material presented here applies to all bear baiting activity around the state. The section on area-specific information contains useful information for particular areas of the state and/or GMU-specific regulations and restrictions. You should understand general information on bear baiting, as well as details specific to the geographic area(s) you intend to hunt. It is your responsibility to contact the area Alaska Department of Fish and Game offices or the Alaska Wildlife Troopers if you have any further questions.

Reviewing and mastering the contents of this online clinic should help you be a more successful, responsible, and safe bear baiter in the field. It will help you stay legal in your activities. Reading and studying all sections of this online clinic before taking the test will greatly improve your chances of passing.

To earn your certification, you will need to score 100% on the test found at the end of the following course outline. Each question is multiple choice. Questions that you have missed will be highlighted, allowing you to go back to review those areas. You can retake the test as many times as required. Proceed to the following categories when you are ready to begin.

  1. Clinic Requirements
  2. History of Bear Baiting in Alaska
  3. General Bear Information
    1. Bear Biology and Natural History
    2. Species Identification
    3. Choosing Which Bear to Take
  4. Hunt Preparation
    1. Location and Bait Choice
    2. Tree Stands and Ground Blinds
    3. Baiting Tips
    4. Shooting
  5. Hide and Meat Care
  6. Ethics and Responsibilities
  7. Bear Baiting Rules and Requirements
  8. Area-Specific Information
  9. Take the Test