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Scallop Fishery Research
Southeast Alaska & Yakutat Commercial Fisheries


Trawl shrimp fishery (northern pink shrimp, Pandalus eous; sidestripe shrimp, Pandalopsis dispar)

A Pacific weathervane scallop, Patinopecten caurinus, target species of the Alaska scallop dredge fishery.


Because of the extremely vertically integrated nature of the Alaskan scallop fishery, assessment for all except Central Region is conducted by the ADF&G Westward Region, headquartered in Kodiak. Qualitative assessment advice for the Yakutat scallop survey is based on the results of sampling during the onboard observer program and triennial dredge surveys of the Yakutat scallop grounds.

Onboard observer program

100% observer coverage is required of all vessels operating in the Yakutat scallop fishery. Observer training and debriefing is conducted by staff in the Westward Region. Observers monitor scallop CPUE and size composition, location of dredge tows, and bycatch of crab and other species.

Dredge used to harvest scallops during triennial stock assessment survey of the Yakutat scallop beds.

Dredge survey

A triennial dredge survey was historically conducted to obtain a swept-area estimate of density and to estimate size composition of weathervane scallops, Patinopecten caurinus, on the Yakutat grounds. Density information is expanded to produce a population estimate using detailed observer information on the extent of the commercial grounds.

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