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Coonstripe Shrimp (Pandalus hypsinotus)

Coonstripe shrimp are harvested by recreational and commercial fisheries in several areas of Alaska. Trawl-caught shrimp were a major component of shellfish harvests in the Gulf of Alaska through the early 1980s. Beam trawl fisheries continue in Southeast Alaska and Prince William Sound where coonstripe shrimp are a bycatch species. A large pot fishery occurs in southeastern Alaska, and in Prince William Sound the pot fishery recently reopened after being closed for 19 years. In both pot fisheries, spot shrimp are the targeted species, but lower numbers of coonstripe shrimp are also taken. Coonstripe shrimp are typically a minor portion of both trawl and pot fisheries catches; however, there are particular areas where they are found to be more common relative to the targeted species.