Recreational Angler Access Projects Overview

Boat launch ramp

Angler access (non-boating) projects construct, improve, and/or maintain public works that are not related to power boating use.

Projects which may be eligible under this category include, but are not limited to:

  • Construction of trails and grate walks.
  • Fish cleaning stations.
  • Land acquisition and development of fishing lakes and ponds where motorboats are not allowed.
  • Access roads, bridges, signals, and other requirements to provide the public access to non-boating facilities.
  • Camping facilities, restrooms, showers, potable water, security lights, trash receptacles, and parking areas associated with angler access facilities.
  • Engineering costs (planning and construction) as well as the costs of environmental assessments and permit applications.
  • Operation and maintenance of angler access facilities.
  • Signage for effective use of access facilities and recognition of Sport Fish Federal Aid in Restoration Program.
  • Publication of guides, brochures, maps, road signs, Internet sites, and other aids to inform sport anglers of access sites.

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