Commercial Fishing Reporting

Interagency Electronic Reporting System Overview

The Interagency Electronic Reporting System (IERS) is a joint effort with ADF&G, the International Pacific Halibut Commission and the National Marine Fisheries Service — AK Region (NMFS). The IERS, commonly called the eLanding system provides consolidated landing, production, IFQ and electronic logbook reporting from a sole source. The system is in use for all rationalized crab, IFQ sablefish and halibut, and all groundfish harvest reporting throughout the state, shoreside and EEZ. ADF&G is expanding implementation of the eLandings system with salmon fisheries. Implementation of the eLandings system with salmon will be incremental and coordinated with the local offices of ADF&G.

To establish an eLandings operation account for groundfish or rationalized crab, please contact eLandings by email at: A User Manual, eLandings Frequently Asked Questions, and training materials are available from the eLandings website at Please reference the Reporting Resources tab for more documents related to the eLandings system. Additional questions should be directed to