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Geoduck Clam (Panopea abrupta)

The objective of Alaska geoduck commercial fishery management is to allow only a very low exploitation rate because the species is long-lived and recruitment is sporadic and low both spatially and temporally. Harvests are by permit only and have generally been allowed only from October through May 31, to avoid the summer spawning and recruitment period and to minimize PSP toxin levels.

In 2000, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game adopted the Geoduck Management Plan. Components of the plan include: fishery areas must be surveyed every 12 years, no size limit, 2% of the biomass will harvested, and fishery area openings will be decided by ADF&G, Department of Environmental Conservation (Paralytic Shellfish Poison testing), and industry (Southeast Alaska Regional Dive Fisheries Association).

Additional information about geoduck management can be found on our Commercial Geoduck Dive Fisheries webpage.