Special Area Regulations

State Game Sanctuary Regulations

State Game Sanctuaries are established by the State Legislature to provide permanent protection to specific fish or wildlife species or habitats and to preserve these areas for scientific, aesthetic and educational purposes. Permits are required from the Habitat Division for any habitat altering activity or any activity which disturbs fish or wildlife other than lawful hunting, trapping and fishing (AS 16.20.520-530) within these areas. Additionally, ADF&G Access permits issued through Division of Wildlife Conservation are required to access most of these areas. Currently designated State Game Sanctuaries are listed below with guiding Statutes and regulations.

Name of State Game Sanctuary Established by Management Plan Adoption Regulation Specific Regulations
McNeil River State Game Sanctuary AS 16.20.160-162 5 AAC 95.540 (1996) AS 16.20.162 Board Authority to adopt access regulations
Stan Price State Wildlife Sanctuary AS 16.20.150
Walrus Island State Game Sanctuary AS 16.20.092-098