Tags, Harvest Tickets, and Permits

These terms mean different things in different states. In Alaska, a harvest ticket is required in most areas for general hunts to hunt deer, moose, caribou, and sheep. They are available free from license vendors. The harvest ticket must be carried in the field and validated by cutting out the day and month immediately upon taking game. The harvest report must be returned to Fish and Game after the hunt as the data helps managers assess harvest.

For drawing or registration hunts, the drawing permit or registration permit acts as the harvest ticket.

In addition to a hunting license, nonresident hunters must buy appropriate locking tags to hunt big game in Alaska — this tag is locked on the animal immediately after the kill and must remain there until the animal is processed or exported. Brown bears, and black bears from some areas, must also be sealed. This means taking the skull and skin (with claws and evidence of gender attached) to an officially designated sealing officer, who records data on the hunt and the animal and locks a seal on the skin (and skull for bears).

In addition to a hunting license, some resident hunters must buy a brown/grizzly bear locking tag or a muskox locking tag if hunting these species. Please refer to the Alaska Hunting Regulations while planning your hunt to determine if you need a locking tag.

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