Targeted Hunts

Targeted Hunts Overview

The primary objective of these hunts is to reduce animal-vehicle collisions and to allow members of the public to selectively harvest game species that pose a threat to public safety or are likely to die as a result of an injury. Hunters will be selected from a randomized list and will be contacted by ADF&G via telephone or email. The selected hunters will be assigned a specific "targeted" area and will be permitted to hunt that designated area during the specified season dates.

Animals designated for harvest under a targeted hunt permit will be selected by the department on a case by case basis from reports of problem moose from law enforcement or members of the public. The department will direct and may accompany the selected hunter to a specific area to hunt and provide guidance on which animal to harvest.

To qualify for a permit you must not have already met your bag limit for the species during the current regulatory year, must not be restricted by another hunt permit (such as CM300) or proxy permit, must not be on the Failure to Report list for the previous regulatory year and must meet any additional requirements of the specific hunt you are applying for (Hunter Education, IBEP, etc.).

Applying for Targeted Hunts

For AM415 and AM550, applications are accepted online only Oct 1 – Oct 31 5pm (AKST).

AC999 MAY be opened for online application only by emergency order.

Permitted hunting dates may vary by hunt.

Who may Apply

Currently all targeted hunts are only open to Alaska residents.

Required Items

To apply for a Targeted Hunt permit, you'll need:

  1. An Alaska Resident hunting license valid for the time period you'll be hunting.
  2. The hunt number(s) obtained from the hunting regulations.
  3. Any additional certifications required for the specific hunt (e.g., IBEP certification).

Online Harvest Reporting

File your harvest report online for selected hunts. If your hunt is eligible for online reporting, just follow the directions. You will receive a confirmation number immediately after your report is successfully submitted.

Additional Information

Be sure to visit the Alaska General Hunting Information section of the website for more information on guiding, permit requirements, and other information.