Internship Program
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for an internship with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game?

ADF&G posts all internship opportunities that are open for application on the Workplace Alaska website. If you would like notifications about internship opportunities, you may sign up for Job Alerts on Workplace Alaska and you will receive email updates when internships open for applications. For help with Workplace Alaska, please see our Workplace Alaska Guide and review the Perfect Packet Hints.

I will be graduating this year. Am I eligible for an internship the summer/semester after I graduate?

ADF&G’s Internship Program is here to provide opportunities to students to gain hands-on work experience in the fields of fish and wildlife management. Therefore, our internship opportunities are only available to students who are enrolled in school full-time during the semester immediately preceding and directly following their internship. Graduating seniors may act as an intern during the summer following their gradution date through August 31st. After this date, if you have graduated and have no plans to continue your education, then you would not be eligible for an internship with ADF&G. However, students graduating and continuing with their studies (in college or graduate school) can remain eligible by providing proof of enrollment for the next semester.

I am not an Alaskan Resident, am I still eligible for an internship with ADF&G?

YES! Most of ADF&G’s science-related internships are open to all applicants, so long as they have the legal right to work in the United States.

What will I be doing during my internship?

The purpose of ADF&G’s Internship Program is to provide meaningful and beneficial experiences for our interns, not to send you out for our lattés! The diversity of our state and the resources we manage make each internship unique. In addition, the changing needs of our staff’s projects mean that internship opportunities might change year to year. Reading the internship descriptions when the positions are posted will give you the best idea of the specific tasks an internship will involve.

That being said, we have two main tracks for internships. Administrative internships, which are limited to Alaskan resident only, consist of learning skills needed to function in the administrative sectors of the department. These internships could be based in accounting, licensing, data-entry, etc. Alternatively, our science-related internships, which are typically open to all applicants, are centered on hands-on tasks related to field-based projects. These internships could consist of sampling fish, analyzing behavior of wildlife, participating in research projects, etc. No matter which path you choose, our internships will give you a chance to gain valuable work experience in your chosen field of study.

For some examples of past internships, visit our Intern Experiences.

Will ADF&G pay for my travel?

As a student, you are responsible for providing your own travel to Alaska and the base location of your internship. Once there, any additional travel necessary for the position will be provided by ADF&G.

Is housing provided for interns?

ADF&G pays all of our interns a competitive wage that compensates for the higher cost of living in Alaska. If you obtain an internship in a field camp or remote location, your room and board will be provided by the department. However, living expenses (including housing and transportation) for internships in urban areas (such as Anchorage) are the responsibility of the student.

Can I apply for more than one internship/division?

Since you must apply to each internship separately, rather than applying for a general placement, you are welcome to apply for each internship position that interests you. However, if you are selected for an interview for more than one position, it would be professional to notify each position’s hiring manager that you have applied for multiple placements.

How many internships will be available this summer?

The number of internships can change each year based on the needs of the department. Generally, there are between 5-10 placements per division.

When is the due date for applications?

ADF&G posts the majority of our available summer internships in early to mid-February. Once the position is posted, you may submit an application. We do not accept applications prior to the posting of positions, or after the position closes. The application period for summer internships typically closes on the last day of February.

I really want an internship with ADF&G. What can I do to make sure I get one?

Obtaining an internship with ADF&G is a competitive process. Taking care to read the internship description and tailor your application to highlight your skills as they relate to the duties of the internship are important parts of making a good impression on the hiring supervisor. For more information on how to make your application packet the best you can, see our Perfect Packet Hints page.

ADF&G hires only the best candidates for our internships. We are looking for enthusiasm, hard work, flexibility and a good attitude!

I would like an internship during the school year. Where can I find more information?

ADF&G has a limited number of internships that occur during the school year. These internships consist of a maximum of 20 hours a week, and you must still be enrolled as a full-time student to be eligible. Due to these requirements, these internships are best suited for students attending Alaskan schools. Non-summer internships can be recruited at any time during the year, so be sure to sign up for Job Alerts through Workplace Alaska.