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Management of large mammalian carnivores in North America

  • Reference: Peek, J., B. Dale, H. Hristienko, L. Kantar, K. A. Loyd, S. Mahoney, C. Miller, D. Murray, L. Olver, and C. Soulliere. 2012. Management of large mammalian carnivores in North America. The Wildlife Society Technical Review 12-1. The Wildlife Society, Bethesda, Maryland.
  • Audiences: Wildlife Manager
  • Authors: Bruce W. Dale, Hank Hristienko, Lee Kantar, Kerrie Anne Loyd, Shane Mahoney, Craig Miller, Dennis Murray, Linda Olver, James M Peek, Colleen Soulliere
  • Funding Sources:
  • Grants:
  • GMUs or Areas: All
  • Keywords: brown bears, Ursus arctos, black bears, Ursus americanus, coyotes, Canis latrans, wolves, Canis lupus, mountain lions, Felis concolor, large mammalian carnivores, predation, habitat, conservation
  • Link: http://wildlife.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/TWS_TechReview_Management-Large-Mammalian-Carnivores_2012.pdf (Offsite)
  • Partners:
  • Primary Authors: James M Peek
  • Programs: Wildlife Management
  • Project Numbers:
  • Publication Types: Journal Article/External Publication
  • Regions: Statewide
  • Species: Black Bear, Brown Bear, Wolf
  • Species Categories: Big Game, Furbearers, Mammals
  • Title: Management of large mammalian carnivores in North America
  • Topics: Intensive Management (including predator control), Wildlife Management, Predation
  • Year: 2012

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