Southeastern Alaska Personal Use Fisheries
That Require Permit

In Southeastern Alaska the following fisheries require a permit issued by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. To obtain a permit and information on seasons, methods and means, bag limits, and other restrictions contact the Fish and Game Area office in the area you are planning on fishing.

  1. Southeast Alaska Personal Use Salmon Fishery
  2. Southeast Alaska Area Personal Use Shrimp Fisheries
  3. Southeast Alaska Personal Use King Crab Fishery (outside of Section 11-A)
  4. Section 11-A Personal Use Red and Blue King Crab Fishery (Summer and Winter)
  5. Southeast Alaska Personal Use Sablefish Fishery
  6. Southeast Alaska Personal Use Herring Spawn on Kelp Fishery

Southeastern Alaska Personal Use Permit Information

If you have questions about the regulations, seasons, closed areas or harvest limits for the subsistence and personal use permits contact the Area Management Biologists at the following ADF&G offices: