Alaska Trapper Questionnaire

Every year the Alaska Department of Fish & Game (ADF&G) distributes a questionnaire to trappers across the state. The questionnaire asks trappers about their trapping practices, effort, and success, their target species, and the abundance of furbearers along their traplines. The questionnaire also solicits comments from trappers about trapping conditions and furbearer management in the state. This information is used by ADF&G biologists in managing furbearer populations and helps the Department of Fish and Game represent Alaskan trappers at state, national and international trap standards meetings. All information collected by the survey is kept strictly confidential and names of individuals and references to specific traplines are not included in the report.

We strongly encourage all trappers to participate in this survey. All trappers who return their questionnaires to ADF&G will receive a complimentary copy of the annual Trapper Questionnaire Statewide Report. If you would like to receive the questionnaire, please contact:

Stephanie Bogle, Trapper Questionnaire Coordinator
P.O. Box 110024
Juneau, AK 99811-0024
(907) 465-4148

Alaska Trapper Reports