North Richardson Highway (south of Glennallen)

Willow Lake

Trumpeter swans nest in the area

The lake, located 24 miles south of Glennallen, includes a pullout with mounted blue scopes that are often used for looking at various nesting waterfowl including trumpeter swans. Like many lakes in the Copper River basin, it’s also a great spot for observing south-migrating trumpeter and tundra swans during late September and early October.

Edgerton Highway

The Edgerton heads east off the Richardson Highway some 32 miles south of Glennallen and leads to Chitina and McCarthy. A high spot in the highway just past the Tonsina River provides a good opportunity from late August through early winter for people to see bison from the Copper River herd grazing on the islands at the confluence of the Tonsina and Copper Rivers.

A bison grazing on the bluffs
A herd of bison further upriver.

Worthington Glacier State Recreation Site

This popular stopping spot along the Richardson Highway, about 89 miles south of Glennallen, is located in the spectacular Thompson Pass area and offers great views of the glacier and opportunities for high elevation off-trail hiking. Look for ptarmigan, ground squirrels, pikas, and mountain goats and be sure to bring your binoculars.

Blueberry Lake State Recreation Site

The picnic site and campground is located in the Thompson Pass area just before the road begins its descent to Keystone Canyon. The high alpine lake offers excellent grayling fishing and a trail beside campsite #9 leads into the alpine. Look for ptarmigan, ground squirrels, pikas and mountain goat.

A ptarmigan midway through its seasonal color change
Arctic ground squirrels are common in the alpine