Alaska Fish & Wildlife News
September 2012

An Alaska Ambassador Goes to Sweden

By Candice Bressler

The future ambassador didn’t realize at the time of his rescue that he was being saved by the world’s foremost expert on Kodiak bears. Simultaneously, his rescuer didn’t fathom that the heart-wrenching saga would result in an internationally orchestrated event years in the making.

It all began in November 2010 when Dr. Larry Van Daele received a phone call at his Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) office on Kodiak Island. He learned that a bear sow had ...   Bear Goes To Sweden Article Continued

The Nome Guide:
New Guide Highlights Birding and Wildlife Viewing

By Riley Woodford

While researching “Alaska’s Nome Area Wildlife Viewing Guide,” Anne Sutton found herself unexpectedly close to some of Nome’s wildlife.

Sutton and state wildlife biologist Tony Gorn were on the Nome-Council Road checking viewing areas and talking about animals that might be encountered. Sutton was taking pictures and had brought an audio recorder as well, hoping to capture some audio for the department’s “Sounds Wild” radio program.

“We ...   The Nome Guide Article Continued

Bear Research on Prince of Wales Island

By Riley Woodford

Alaska’s Prince of Wales Island is very popular with black bear hunters - almost 500 bears were harvested there in 2005. But that may be too many, and state wildlife biologists have been gathering new information about bears, hunters and hunting effort.

Several research projects are underway and hunting regulations have been changed, especially regarding nonresident hunters.

“Unguided nonresident hunters kill a higher percentage of females, and that is the most rapidly ...   POW Bear Research Article Continued

National Hunting and Fishing Day
Hunter Recruitment in Alaska

By Amy Pinney

In part to celebrate the 2012 75th Anniversary of Wildlife Restoration.

Hunting is a lifestyle and an important activity for millions of Americans, bringing them outdoors and in touch with nature. More than 13 million people across the country enjoy hunting, and through hunting they contribute to wildlife conservation and management. National Hunting and Fishing Day on September 22, 2012, celebrates the programs that ensure that hunting continues for future generations.

...   Hunting & Fishing Article Continued

Featured Video
Is This Moose Legal?

By Riley Woodford

This is a 40-minute video that helps hunters judge the size and age of bull moose in Alaska. This is required viewing for hunters in some areas, and highly advised for anyone hunting in an area with spike-fork-50 restrictions.

Judging the size (and legality) of a big bull seems difficult, but the video offers insights that simplify the process. Some very handy tips are provided as well as details that clarify the regulations.

Click to see Is this Moose Legal

For a more ...   Is This Moose Legal? Article Continued

Trapping Photos Needed

By Staff

The Division of Wildlife Conservation is looking for photographs showing all aspects of trapping and fur handling. We’d like pictures of animals, people setting traps, checking traps, processing animals, fleshing and stretching fur - any images that reflect the experience of trapping.

Each spring the Division of Wildlife Conservation surveys trappers about their catch, furbearer populations, trapping conditions, and their experiences during the previous season. The results of ...   Trapping Photos Article Continued