Alaska Fish & Wildlife News
December 2013

Mountain Goat Research on Kodiak Island

By Riley Woodford

Sometimes a population explosion is a good thing.

Since mountain goats were introduced to Kodiak Island 60 years ago, the population has grown from 18 animals to about 2,500. That’s good for goat hunters, but biologists and land managers want to know what it’s doing to the island. They’ve launched a research project to better understand the mountain goats' behavior and affect on their habitat.

Newcomers to the Island

Mountain goats are not native to Kodiak, ...   Kodiak Goats Article Continued

Impressions in the Snow
Winter Tracking in Alaska

By Mike Taras

These signs and symbols left in mud, sand, leaves, and snow represent proto-alphabets. Often smeared, fragmented, and confused by weather, time, and other animals, these cryptograms were life-and-death exercises in abstract thinking. This skill, the reading of tracks in order to procure food, or identify the presence of a dangerous animal, may in fact be “the oldest profession”.

—John Vaillant, The Tiger

Reading the White Book

In his 2010 ...   Winter Tracking Article Continued

Sea Otter Numbers – and Harvest – On the Rise

By Matt Lichtenstein

Southeast Alaska and the state as a whole is seeing an upswing in sea otter hunting. According to numbers compiled by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, 2013 will yield the biggest reported harvest on record for the marine mammals, which can only be hunted by Native Alaskans from coastal communities.

US Fish and Wildlife Service records show that for 2012, Alaska Native hunters in coastal communities across the state reported a harvest of 1,281 sea otters. 952 of those were from Southeast, ...   Sea Otter Hunting Article Continued

Trapping Videos Offer Tips and Insights

By Riley Woodford

Fish and Game offers a variety of videos for trappers and about trapping. This article highlights videos for trappers, the companion article highlights videos about trapping for trail users, mushers, skijours and dog owners – “Sharing the Trails.”

Trapping videos are available on the ADF&G trapping website.

The Alaska Guide to Fur Handling video has been one of the most popular Fish and Game streaming videos over the past couple months, for ...   Trapping Videos Article Continued