Alaska Fish & Wildlife News
February 2016

Hazing Brown Bears at Port Armstrong

By Riley Woodford

Tasering brown bears and shooting them with paintballs smacks of a goofy Alaska reality TV show, but it’s far from it. It’s part of a project that’s saving bears’ lives and keeping people safe.

State Fish and Game biologist Phil Mooney and his colleagues have tazed more than 300 bears, and paintballed more than 100 at Port Armstrong, near Sitka, since 2010. They are teaching the animals to stay out of areas where they don’t belong — an option vastly preferable ...   Paintball Bears Article Continued

Fresh Fish for Sale!
Catcher Sellers: How it Works

By Shellene Hutter

We’ve all seen those signs hanging up near local harbors advertising the sales of fresh Alaskan seafood. But what does it mean to be a fisherman who sells directly to the public from their boats at the dock?

These individuals are commercial fishermen who are called Catcher Sellers by ADF&G. A Catcher Seller not only can sell dockside directly to the public, but also can ship their fresh catch within the state of Alaska. By acting as a Catcher Seller commercial fisherman can ...   Fresh Fish for Sale! Article Continued

Working Underwater for Fish and Game
Diving on the R/V Kestrel

By Jeff Meucci

One of the Department of Fish and Game’s (ADF&G) research vessels, the R/V Kestrel, travels around Southeast Region from late March until the middle of September annually as a diving support vessel. The geographic area covers Southeast Alaska from Yakutat to the British Columbia/Alaska border. As the divemaster on board I get the opportunity to work and dive with some pretty talented people. I also get to see and experience some of the most incredible underwater sights. I started recreationally ...   Diving for ADF&G Article Continued