Alaska Fish & Wildlife News
July 2016

Capturing and Tagging Wildlife

By Nick Demma

I moved as quickly as I could towards the sound of the helicopter hovering above the cottonwoods. I stumbled through the thick understory, scanning ahead for any movement. As the helicopter came into view through the tree tops, I knew I was closing in on my quarry, and things were about to get intense. The helicopter was hovering high over a day-old moose calf and her highly protective mother. Common sense and wisdom dictate that you should avoid getting between a cow moose and her newborn offspring. ...   Capturing Wildlife Article Continued

A Guide to Judging Sheep Horns
Under the Full-Curl Regulation

By Mike Taras

Sheep Hunters, listen up! Determining a legal sheep by the full-curl regulation is not an easy task and it requires knowledge, experience and practice.

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Division of Wildlife Conservation, has recently produced a staff guide for determining legal sheep under the full- curl regulation. The purpose of this guide is to provide consistency across the state in staff methods/knowledge of aging Dall sheep using horn annuli and/or determining curl legality ...   Judging Sheep Horns Article Continued

Carcass Disposal

By Riley Woodford

The gut piles on the road near Eagle have gotten so bad Teresa Balboni can’t even walk her dogs.

“We’ve never seen so many black bears here before,” she wrote. “All these people leaving carcasses right on the road, it brings the bears right in.”

She said at times it was so bad her husband, who drove a snowplow and road grader for the Department of Transportation, “…would have to grade the carcasses off the road, that's how heavily ...   Carcass Disposal Article Continued