Alaska Fish & Wildlife News
January 2019

Black Bear Research
In Prince William Sound

By Riley Woodford

Tucked into crevices and caves on two islands in Prince William Sound, about four dozen black bears are hibernating wearing GPS collars. When they emerge in the spring of 2019, these collared animals will provide insights into how bears use their habitat in Prince William Sound – when and where they go, and how it varies between males and females.

Over the past three years, biologists Charlotte Westing of ADF&G and Milo Burcham of USFS have captured 96 different black bears on ...   Black Bear Research Article Continued

Return to Winter

By Ken Marsh

“The winter! the brightness that blinds you, … The woods where the weird shadows slant; The stillness, the moonlight, the mystery, I’ve bade ’em good-by – but I can’t.”

— Robert Service, Spell of the Yukon

Thirty years ago, living as a trapper in Alaska’s upper Susitna Valley, ...   Return to Winter Article Continued