Alaska Fish & Wildlife News
March 2005

Highlighting Women
March is National Women’s History Month

By Riley Woodford

March is National Women’s History Month, inspiring us to highlight women in Alaska. This issue of Alaska Wildlife News features stories about women at Fish and Game, women in science, Alaska outdoorswomen and more.   View article

Wildlife Veterinarian Kimberlee Beckmen
Medical examiner, surgeon and researcher

By Riley Woodford

Like any veterinarian, Kimberlee Beckmen sees a lot of animals. But for Beckmen, the wildlife veterinarian for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, it's not dogs and cats, but bears, moose, birds and other wild animals.

Unlike most vets, a number of Beckmen's patients have already expired. Beckmen is frequently called upon to determine the cause of death of different birds and mammals, or to investigate parasites and unusual tissue found in harvested game animals.

“A lot of ...   Wildlife Vet ArticleContinued

A Look at the Black Bears of Kuiu Island
Piecing Together Bear Puzzle

By Riley Woodford

A project involving bear hunters, antibiotics and barbed wire has provided revealing insights into one of the world's densest populations of black bears, on Kuiu Island in Southeast Alaska.

Bear researcher Lily Peacock found that Kuiu Island, about 40 miles west of Petersburg, has three to five bears per square mile. Peacock also found that surprisingly high numbers of bears coexist seasonally on salmon streams on the island. She counted 115 different bears using a one-mile stretch of ...   Kuiu Bears ArticleContinued

Gaining Confidence through Fly Fishing
An Interview with Cecilia “Pudge” Kleinkauf

By Tammy Davis

“At my age you start to look back over your life and think about what you wish you could change - I have few regrets; one is that I didn't learn to fly fish earlier.”
-- Cecilia “Pudge” Kleinkauf

Cecilia “Pudge” Kleinkauf learned to fly fish at 40; since then she has grown more passionate about sportfishing.

“Pudge” is an inspiring, dynamic woman. I get the feeling that when she sets her hook into something, she is unstoppable in pursuit of her goal. She's full of ...   “Pudge” Kleinkauf ArticleContinued

A Chat with Stephanie Madsen

By Nancy K. Long

Stephanie Madsen is one of the most powerful leaders in the commercial fishing industry today. In this male-dominated world, she holds two very prestigious positions; she is vice president of the Pacific Seafood Processors Association (PSPA)and chairwoman of the North Pacific Fishery Management Council (NPFMC).

Madsen is the first woman to lead the NPFMC. Her peers have unanimously nominated her to the position of “madam chair” for two consecutive terms. She is also the first woman to ...   Stephanie Madsen ArticleContinued

Editorial:The Evolution of Women's Roles at ADF&G
“Is the glass ceiling made of fish scales?”

By Diana Cote, Executive Director, Alaska Boards of Fisheries and Game

When I began working for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game as a secretary in 1983, it was easy to see that the place was a male-dominated department, with men holding the greater majority of top level positions. As I asked friends for advice on how to advance my career and myself, I received opinions such as “deepen your voice,” and “think in sports analogies.”

Although those suggestions seem silly today, it is still true that the department is falling short of taking full advantage ...   Editorial: Women ArticleContinued

Becoming an Outdoors Woman

By Cathie Harms

In 1990, Dr. Christine Thomas was sitting at a campfire with a group of friends, wondering aloud why they didn't see more women outdoors. Thomas, a professor of Natural Resources at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, decided to find some answers.

The question led to a symposium in Wisconsin with guests from many other states. They itemized the barriers to outdoor activities perceived by women. Two thirds of the barriers listed related to the fact that once they got there, most ...   Women Outdoors ArticleContinued