Alaska Fish & Wildlife News
February 2008

Wildlife Troopers On The Job
Massive Enforcement Effort in Southcentral Alaska

By Megan Peters and Jason Ball

Alaska Wildlife Trooper Tom Akelkok was walking through the thick brush at Sheep Creek in Southcentral Alaska when he saw four poachers catching king salmon in closed waters.

Within minutes he was standing behind the four men. They already had two kings and were casting for another go-around. It didn't take long for them to figure out they had been caught breaking the law.

“I got ‘em on camera,” Akelkok said before coming out of the woods to talk to the anglers.

This ...   Troopers at Work ArticleContinued

Troopers Patrol the North Country

By DPS Staff

Alaska Wildlife Troopers took to the skies and waterways of the North Slope in August and September of 2007 to keep an eye on moose, sheep and caribou hunters.

The troopers were checking on hunters in what D Detachment Commander Lt. Lantz Dahlke calls, “The most beautiful country in the world.” A handful of troopers patrolled an area north of the Brooks Range roughly the size of Minnesota, making sure hunters followed hunting and boating guidelines. The operation ran out of Happy Valley, ...   Patrolling the North ArticleContinued

Ask A Wildlife Biologist:
Do Bears Really Sleep All Winter?

By Sean Farley

Response from Sean Farley, Research Biologist and Bear Specialist, ADF&G Question from A. Chapman, Anchorage

Q) Do bears really sleep all winter? Do they need snow to build a den? Also, how is their behavior affected when it’s a warmer than usual winter?

A) Bears hibernate during winter, but aren’t sleeping the whole time. Hibernation for bears simply means they don’t need to eat or drink, and rarely urinate or defecate (or not at all). There is strong evolutionary ...   Hibernating Bears Article Continued

Bowhunting Course Now Online

By Riley Woodford

Archery hunts in Alaska require that bowhunters have passed a bowhunter safety and proficiency course. The class, “Today's Bowhunter,” is now available online.

“Archery-only hunts are becoming fairly popular,” said Jerry Soukup, the program coordinator for hunter education with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. “Many of the hunts are in urban areas, or on military lands. To participate in those hunts, you have to be certified prior to applying.”

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Carl Koch Trades Ambulance for Bears

By Riley Woodford

As a new Pack Creek ranger, Carl Koch found that his 17 years as a paramedic in New Jersey paid off when it came to reassuring nervous visitors.

“We had sows with cubs within 20 feet of us, not everyday, but they get ridiculously close,” he said. “My background with emergency medical services was really helpful – it was important to stay calm and keep a cool head with bears in close proximity.”

Koch was in no danger of panicking. But visitors to the popular brown bear viewing area ...   Carl Koch ArticleContinued

Evolution of an Angler

By Fabienne Peter-Contesse

Growing up in the Seattle area, my family spent nearly every weekend hiking and camping in the Cascade and Olympic mountains, my parents instilling in me a love and respect for nature. But it wasn't until my teens that I experienced the excitement of catching my first fish, when a friend of my parents took me fishing on a creek up near Snoqualmie Pass where I caught and released a small trout. If you've ever caught a fish, you know the thrill of feeling the line go taut and the satisfaction of ...   Evolution of Angler ArticleContinued

See McNeil River Bears

By Riley Woodford

Every summer, bears gather at McNeil River, creating the largest concentration of wild brown bears in the world. This congregation is carefully managed by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game as a premier wildlife viewing site. Several hundred permits are issued each year allowing about 10 people at a time to spend about four days in the area during the summer months. The deadline for applying for permits is March 1.

The McNeil River area was designated as a wildlife sanctuary in 1967, ...   McNeil River Bears ArticleContinued

Frans Halibut Soup
It’s your whole meal right there

By Amy Carroll

Visiting my neighbor Fran again, I noticed something delicious simmering on the stove. “Oh, you have to stay and have some halibut soup. Here, let me pour you some more wine.” She already had a place set for me. This soup was awesome. I have also made it with cod (when Costco doesn't have halibut) and that is delicious as well.

Cook 4 strips of bacon (not maple flavored!) and pour off the grease.
Saute with the bacon
• A little olive oil
• ¾ onion
• Few ribs of celery, ...   Halibut soup ArticleContinued