Alaska Fish & Wildlife News
September 2008

Behind the Scenes at BOW

By Patti Harper and Riley Woodford

An erupting volcano, an extreme low tide, a missing boat and a cooler of fish that went for a joy ride were just a few of the last-minute snafus that challenged organizers of Alaska's most recent Becoming an Outdoors-Woman weekend.

Women were certainly ready to see the Becoming an Outdoors-Woman workshop (BOW) come to Southeast Alaska. The weekend event drew 60 women, with 70 more on a waiting list. The workshop was held at the Rainbow Glacier camp in Haines Aug. 1–3, with most of the participants ...   Behind BOW ArticleContinued

The Elusive Copper River Steelhead

By James Savereide

When I started to study Copper River steelhead in 2005, I was aware of their complex life history, but I figured it was nothing a two year radiotelemetry project couldn't handle. I knew radio-tagging steelhead before they reached their spawning grounds would help me determine their spawning distribution, over-wintering areas, and give the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) an idea of the total return of steelhead to the Copper River. So why do I think Copper River steelhead are elusive?

Part ...   Elusive Steelhead ArticleContinued

Beth Peluso Takes Over Wildlife Viewing Program

By Riley Woodford

Beth Peluso wants to reach two kinds of people: Those who go outdoors, and those who don't.

“I've met kids who say they never get outside,” said Peluso, the watchable wildlife coordinator for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

Peluso, a writer, artist, media coordinator and accomplished birder, was hired this spring to take the helm of Fish and Game's Watchable Wildlife Program.

She said one good way to attract people to the outdoors is through wildlife viewing ...   Beth Peluso ArticleContinued

What is This Thing in my Game Meat?

By Elizabeth Manning

This is the time of year when Dr. Kimberlee Beckmen, Alaska Department of Fish and Game's wildlife veterinarian, gets frequent inquires from hunters who are concerned about potentially diseased game meat.

If hunters notice something odd or gruesome-looking when butchering an animal, they usually want to know if the meat is safe to eat.

In Fairbanks where Beckmen lives it is enough of an issue that she's created a flier aptly named, “What is this ‘thing' in my game meat?”

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Observers in the Bering Sea Crab Fisheries
New DVD Highlights Work of Crab Fishery Observers

By Mary Schwenzfeier

‘Observers in the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands Crab Fisheries' is a 24-minute information video filmed on location featuring three crab observers in their everyday duties and life at sea onboard crab fishing vessels in the commercial fisheries, collecting data for the department. The production was coordinated and funded by the State Shellfish Onboard Observer Program, and filmed and edited by the University of Alaska Anchorage, North Pacific Fisheries Observer Training Center (OTC).

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