Alaska Fish & Wildlife News
December 2009

Alaska Game Transplants
The Good, the Bad and the Unwanted

By Riley Woodford

Raccoons and wild hogs are among the weirdest animal transplants attempted in Alaska's history. "Game Transplants in Alaska," a new publication by Fish and Game, chronicles the successes, failures and sometimes misguided attempts to move wildlife into and around Alaska.

Tom Paul researched and wrote the 150-page book, building on a much smaller first edition produced in 1973 by Oliver Burris and Donald McKnight. For years department employees referred to dog-eared, stapled photocopies ...   Game Transplants ArticleContinued

Tracking Alaska Owls
GPS backpacks provide owl updates

By Tim Mowry

Each day when he shows up at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game in Fairbanks, biologist Travis Booms tracks down the short-eared owls he is studying.

Booms, the department's non-game biologist, logs on to a Web site that details the movements of 14 short-eared owls he and other biologists are following with the use of tiny satellite transmitters they strapped on the backs of the owls this summer.

“Prior to this, we had absolutely no idea where Alaska short-eared owls wintered,” ...   Tracking Owls ArticleContinued