Alaska Fish & Wildlife News
September 2014

Photo Submissions

By Riley Woodford
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Caleb Mikkelsen, 12, hauls out the antlers from his first moose, taken Sept. 2013.

At Fish and Game, we really appreciate receiving photos from the public. Most often, these are from hunters and anglers, but wildlife viewers have provided beautiful images of bears, Dall’s sheep and other wildlife as well. Hunters know that we use reader-submitted photos in the hunting regulations, and often provide “trophy” shots. Quite often these are proud parents submitting photos of successful young hunters.

We also need pictures that depict the other aspects of hunting: the hunting camp, camping, rafting, getting to and from camp, stalking, and packing out game. We use trapping photos in the trapping regulations booklet, and appreciate photos donated by trappers in Alaska. If you would like to contribute hunting and trapping photos, please contact

The covers of the annual fishing regulations features a picture of a young person fishing, an image that represents what fishing means to young people and their families. Those photos must be received by Oct. 1 for publication the following year. ADF&G publishes four different regulation booklets, specific to different areas of the state, and each has a different cover. More information on submitting photos for fishing in Southeast Alaska, is available online

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A photographer stalks ptarmigan in Denali.

And here for northern or Interior Alaska.

Photos of angling in Southwest and Southcentral Alaska go to and the requirements are the same as photos for other areas.

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