Wood Bison Restoration in Alaska
Frequently Asked Questions

General Biology Questions

  • Where did wood bison come from?
  • How old do bison get? What is the average size? How many are in a group?
  • What do bison eat? How often do they eat?
  • How do they forage in deep snow? Will they survive winter?
  • Do they have calves every year? How often do they reproduce? How long do calves stay with cows?
  • Would bison and moose coexist or compete? Could they breed?
  • Are bison good swimmers?
  • How do bison behave toward predators? How will they do against predators?
  • Are there white bison?
  • What is the difference between plains and wood bison?
  • Do bison move around?
  • Why did bison leave or go extinct in Alaska?

Hunting Questions

  • When could they be hunted?
  • If you shoot a bison, does the herd protect it?
  • What type of gun is needed to shoot a bison?
  • How do you care for the hide?
  • When is it best to harvest bison?
  • How do you hunt and cut up a bison? What can you eat of the bison?
  • Do they have diseases? Are they tested?
  • Will there be subsistence priority? Will permits be required to hunt?

Reintroduction Questions

  • Is there a concern regarding inbreeding?
  • How would flooding and deep snow affect bison?
  • Is this really a reintroduction in the Innoko if bison have been gone for so long? Is this a lie?
  • What are the benefits of having bison near our community and back on the landscape?
  • Where, when, how many, and how will they be released?
  • How many bison do you want to have?
  • Who would come up with the management plan?

Living With Bison Questions

  • Will bison be in prime berry picking areas trampling berries?
  • Will a bison attack people or be aggressive?
  • Are bison endangered? Are you allowed to be close to them while hunting moose, etc.? Any restrictions?
  • Are there educational programs about bison suitable for the school curriculum?

For more information, visit the Living with Wood Bison section.