Applying for Operation Permit

Applying for Aquatic Farm Operation Permit Renewal

The Aquatic Farm Operation Permit Renewal Application is used to request a renewal of your operation permit. The renewal fee is $100.00 and must be submitted with the completed form. In addition, a new 10-Year Operation and Development Plan - Part A and B for Renewals is required to be completed and submitted to ADF&G for review.

Apply at least 30 days before a renewal is required.

You may also be required to fill out the Joint-Agency Aquatic Farm Program Application (PDF 934 kB), if you are also renewing your lease with Department of Natural Resources at the same time or if additional information is required to update the operation permit.

This Operation and Development Plan form is required to be submitted for review, when renewing an Aquatic Farm Operation Permit. There are two parts to the plan.

  • Part A is used to provide a description of your aquatic farm operations over the next 10 years.
  • Part B is used to provide a 10-year schedule of your support facilities, gear types, and anchor systems installations, number of hatchery or nursery seed to be purchased for your farm, and projected production (numbers or pounds) and value (farm-gate). Fill out Part B using a realistic expectation of what is possible within the limits of the permitted farm site and anticipated seed supply.

An operation permit renewal is subject to review and the permit holder must provide evidence that they have

  • Complied with their current operation and development plan,
  • Complied with the terms and conditions of the operation permit
  • The aquatic farm or hatchery continues to demonstrate technical and operational feasibility
  • Applied before 30 days before the expiration date of the operation permit,

To apply for a renewal of an ADF&G Aquatic Farm Operation Permit for another 10 years you must submit the following:

  • Aquatic Farm Operation Permit Renewal Request Form
  • Updated Operation and Development Plan Form
  • Cross Sectional and Overhead Drawings of gear, equipment, and facilities, if needed
  • Updated Project Description to reflect requested changes, if applicable — see Project Description Outline (Word doc 23 kB)
  • $100 fee to ADF&G (made to State of Alaska)
  • Apply at least 30 days before expiration of operation permit