Fishing in Alaska

Fishery Information


Did You Know

If you catch an Atlantic salmon or a salmon that doesn’t look quite right, please do not clean it. Key identification characteristics of Pacific salmon are displayed in the ADF&G regulations. Keep the fish whole, note the location it was caught, get a GPS location if possible. Contact your local office of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game or call 1-877-INVASIVE to report an Atlantic salmon.

Benefits of Fishing to Alaska

Fishing in Alaska comes in multiple flavors. Tens of thousands of people harvest and feast on salmon, halibut, crab, trout, and other varieties of finfish and shellfish under subsistence, personal use, and sport fishing regulations. Connoisseurs of the art of angling try their skills in wilderness and urban settings. Guides, lodges and charter operators provide residents and visitors with memorable fishing experiences and contribute significantly to our tourism industry and economy. Subsistence and personal use fishing support a traditional way of life for many Alaskans. Subsistence fishing provides wild harvests worth hundreds of pounds and thousands of dollars in replacement value at the supermarket.