Black Bear Hunting in Alaska

DL455 Permit Hunt Information
for Regulatory Year 2023

Hunt Details

Hunt Number: DL455
Regulatory Year: 2023
Hunt Type: Draw
Species: Black Bear
Legal Animal: One (1) black bear, except cubs and females accompanied by cubs

Number of Permits

Residency Number of Permits
Nonresidents Up to 25 permits
Alaska residents Up to 25 permits
Total Number of Permits Available 25 permits

GMU, Area

14C, portions of JBER

Season Dates*

09/01/2023 - 06/15/2024

*See Drawing or Subsistence Supplements for season details.

Residency Restrictions

  • Hunt available to Nonresidents
  • Hunt available to Alaska residents

Reporting Requirements

  • Successful Hunters
    • Report in person to the Anchorage ADFG office within 3 days. Sealing at the Anchorage ADF&G Office is required within 30 days of kill.
    • Specimens Required: Skull and hide (unfrozen) with claws and evidence of sex attached
  • Unsuccessful Hunters
    Report online, by mail, or in person within 15 days of the close of the season.
  • Internet Reporting
    If you hunted unsuccessfully or did not hunt, you may report online at

Additional Requirements and Information

  • Training areas 401, 402 west of the southern most portion of Conners Beach Loop Road and west of a line extending from 61.392385, -149.576637 at the intersection of Conners Beach Loop Road and June Lake Trail north to 61.406848, -149.576637 on the installation boundary, 403 excluding Malemute Drop Zone and the MPTR Range, 404 west of Clunie Lake Road, 406 from west edge of the Engineer Expressway and McLaughlin Range to the east edge (cleared or non-wooded portion) of the IPBC Range and north of trail running from -149.6867450 61.3331381 to -149.6807148 61.3344600, 407 east of Route Bravo Road, 408 excluding the gravel pit south of Artillery Road, 409 west of Relay Ridge Trail, excluding Niebar Drop Zone, 411 west of Pole Line Road, 412 west of Pole Line Road, 413, 418, 425 south of Oil Well Road excluding the ISBC training complex/Range, 426 excluding cleared area by building of Biathlon Range, 427, 428, 429 east of Bull Dog Trail and north of the north fork of Campbell Creek to the JBER property line at -149.6867201 61.1663199, 430, and 431; when open in iSportsman.
  • Certified Shotgun Hunters Only: You must be certified through a department approved basic hunter education class prior to hunting in DL455. Call 267-2187 for more information on hunter education classes.

    Check in/out on a daily basis.

    Warning: JBER hunts are subject to closure due to military operations. Hunts may be stopped for specific time periods or limited to specific areas on short (6 hours) notice. Permits will be issued to successful applicants after attending a mandatory orientation on a date(s) to be announced. JBER will require successful applicants to pay a $125 access fee, and may require successful applicants to demonstrate proficiency with the weapon they intend to use.

Hunt conditions and season dates can be changed by Emergency Order. Visit the Emergency Orders and Announcements page for more information.