Lower Cook Inlet location map

Commercial Fisheries Overview
Lower Cook Inlet Management Area

Board of Fisheries

The Lower Cook Inlet (LCI) Management Area is comprised of all waters west of the longitude of Cape Fairfield, north of the latitude of Cape Douglas, and south of the latitude of Anchor Point. Area marine waters vary from the numerous fjord-like bays along the north Gulf of Alaska coast to the moderately protected waters of Kachemak Bay and the high-energy shoreline of Kamishak Bay. The majority of freshwater drainages are short, coastal streams dominated by pink salmon, however all five Pacific salmon species are present in LCI waters, with chum and sockeye salmon adding significant value in most years. Fisheries enhancement has played a major role in LCI salmon production for over three decades, at times contributing up to 90% of the harvest, thus providing a significant portion of the average annual commercial exvessel value. The LCI area offers a wide variety of commercial fishing opportunities for salmon, groundfish and scallops. Historically, the area supported herring as well as several crab and shrimp fisheries, but these fisheries are currently closed while stocks rebuild. These varied resources are protected, maintained, and improved through efforts by the area management and research staffs based in Homer.