Commercial Fishing Reporting
Fish Tickets

The ADF&G fish ticket is the form provided to document commercial harvest from a public resource. As an alternative, many processors are using the eLandings system, which generates a printable ADF&G fish ticket. Both the ADF&G paper fish ticket forms and the eLandings system provide a method to accurately reporting of commercial fishing activity and comply with the Alaska Fish and Game Laws and Regulations.

Fish tickets must be completed and submitted to the nearest ADF&G office within 7 days of the landing and/or first purchase of the fishery resource.

Fish Ticket FAQs

Who uses fish tickets and code plates?

Any first purchaser, processor, exporter or transporter of raw fishery resources must complete and submit a fish ticket. A Catcher-Seller or a Direct Marketer must also complete a fish ticket. When completing a paper ADF&G fish ticket form, the CFEC permit of the vessel operator and the processor code plate must be imprinted on each fish ticket. If the code plate is unavailable then the code plate number must be handwritten on the paper ticket, provided that the you have been issued a code plate number by an authorized representative of the department. When using the eLandings system, an operation must be authorized, providing the Fisheries Business License permit, and other applicable federal permits, such as the Federal Processor, Registered Buyer and Registered Crab Receiver permits.

How do I properly complete a paper fish ticket?

Instructions can be found here: How to Properly Complete an ADF&G Paper Fish Ticket (PDF 115 kB).

Where do I submit completed fish tickets?

Fish tickets should be submitted to the nearest local area ADF&G office; addresses are shown on the cover of the fish ticket books. There are a few exceptions. Exceptions: All Southeast troll salmon tickets should be sent to Sitka. All halibut and groundfish tickets for Prince William Sound, Cook Inlet and North Gulf State waters should be sent to the Homer office. Salmon tickets for Lower Cook Inlet go to Homer and Upper Cook Inlet go to Soldotna.

How do I order more fish tickets?

Call the Seafood Industry Technician at 907-465-6131 or email

How do I order more code plates?

Call the Seafood Industry Technician at 907-465-6131 or email

Can I use last year's fish tickets?


Who is responsible for completion of and submission of the ADF&G fish ticket or eLandings landing report?

The first purchases of fish, a Catcher-Seller, Catcher-Exporter or a Direct Marketer are responsible for the completion and submission of the fish ticket or landing report. Both the seller and the purchaser must provide true and accurate information.

Is an imprinting machine required?

They are not required but are convenient if your operation writes numerous fish tickets.

Where do I get an imprinting machine?

There are 2 suppliers:

Secure ID LLC
2000 E Dowling Rd #9
Anchorage, AK 99507
Phone: (907) 770-9160
Fax: (907) 770-91621


Legend Data Systems
18024 72nd Ave S
Kent, WA 98032
Phone (425) 251-1670
Fax (425) 251-1894