Water Withdrawal
Apply for a Permit

The ADF&G Habitat Section is encouraging the public to practice social distancing to minimize the transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19) by calling Habitat staff with inquiries and using online resources to apply for permits.

Please contact the Habitat Section office closest to your project site for assistance in determining the appropriate intake screening for your propose water withdrawl.

To apply for a Fish Habitat Permit, download and complete the permit application on this page, and return the completed application to the Habitat Section office closest to your project in person, by postal mail, or by email. Be sure to provide a detailed description of your proposed activity or project and attach any supporting information such as maps or diagrams.

Other Authorizations:

Most water withdrawals will also require a Temporary Water Use Authorization (TWUA) from the Alaska Department of Natural Resources Division of Mining, Land and Water .

Additional permits, authorizations or reviews may be required from the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation if the water is being discharged into a water body after use.

These departments should be contacted directly for information on their permitting requirements.