Alaska Fish & Wildlife News
December 2012

Rabies in Alaska
Rabid Wolverine Found on North Slope

By Riley Woodford and Kimberlee Beckmen

Despite the cliché “worse than a rabid wolverine” there has never actually been a documented case of a rabid wolverine. Until now.

Veterinarian Dr. Kimberlee Beckmen with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game completed a necropsy of a wolverine that was found dead on the North Slope. The Centers for Disease Control confirmed it was infected with a strain of arctic fox rabies.

The story starts in June, when state wildlife biologists Lincoln Parrett and Patrick Jones ...   Rabies in Alaska Article Continued

Weir Work

By Emily Hepler

I had just come from a few weeks in field camp on the Nushagak River in Bristol Bay where there was no bathroom, no shower, no oven, no freezer, no heaters, no lights, short tents, cold, rainy, windy weather, and an hour long boat ride to camp to the field site that left you numb and soaked. Those were my exact expectations for the Little Susitna River weir field site where I would be working for the next two weeks counting and sampling coho salmon, while also counting any chum, Chinook, pink, ...   Weir Work Article Continued

Bringing the Outdoors Back into School

By Kristen Romanoff

Remember your childhood? Chances are you have memories of exploring creeks, fields, tundra, forests or maybe a vacant lot near your school? In school, perhaps you had a chance to “do science” in an outdoor setting. You may even remember those experiences today, no matter how many years have passed since elementary school.

Perhaps you’ve seen a student inspired by a field trip. Teachers know that some students who may not perform well in the classroom setting can come ...   Outdoors in School Article Continued

Videos from Alaska Fish and Game
Multimedia Page Offers Videos & Audio Programs

By Riley Woodford

A lesson in catching a northern pike or field dressing a moose is just a few mouse clicks away.

More than 60 videos on hunting, fishing, trapping, wildlife watching and other topics are available for viewing online through the Alaska Department of Fish and Game website. Judging a legal moose or a trophy bear, tanning a beaver pelt, filleting a pike or burbot and keeping kids safe around Alaska’s urban moose are all featured. Other videos include an overview of the Department, the ...   Videos from ADF&G Article Continued