Alaska Fish & Wildlife News
January 2021

Dave Klein
A Lifetime in Wildlife Biology and Ecology

By Riley Woodford

Dave Klein, one of Alaska’s most influential wildlife biologists, died Nov. 21, 2020 at the age of 93. An internationally recognized expert of northern ecosystems and wildlife, most notably arctic ungulates, he is remembered as a much-appreciated mentor to scores of biologists working in Alaska today.

Science writer Ned Rozell knew Klein as a friend and neighbor in Fairbanks for most of the past 20 years. He wrote: Before I met him, Dave had retired as a biologist and ecologist ...   Dave Klein Article Continued

Native vs. Invasive Pike
A Tale of Two Ranges

By Kristine Dunker

If you follow social media posts about northern pike in Alaska, it is common to read discussions that look something like this: “Northern pike are native here”. “No they’re not”. “Yes they are”. “Nope, not true.” – there is so much confusion about this in Alaska, and rightfully so. Turns out all these statements are correct; it just depends what part of the state the question is asked. This is because northern pike are BOTH native ...   Northern Pike Article Continued

Ice Fishing & Elodea
Containing an Invasive Plant

By Tammy Davis

In September 2010, Fairbanks became ground zero for Alaska’s first invasive, submerged aquatic plant response. US Forest Service biologists detected Elodea spp. when they launched a canoe into Chena Slough to ground truth a new aquatic plant guide. With the glossy “Introduction to Common Native & Potential Invasive Freshwater Plants in Alaska” (Fig. 2) in hand, they set out to identify the plants they encountered in the slough. They had not paddled far before they found ...   Ice Fishing & Elodea Article Continued