Alaska Fish & Wildlife News
March 2011

A Trail Camera Gallery in the Works
Submissions Welcome to ADF&G Online Gallery

By Riley Woodford
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A trail camera image of eagles and ravens scavenging.

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game will soon feature a gallery of trail camera images on its new website, and submissions are welcome. The gallery will showcase images by the public as well as researchers.

Fish and Game invites the public to submit images for display in our online trail camera gallery. The gallery offers a way to share images, and photographers retain all rights to their pictures. We can watermark the image with a copyright symbol and the photographer’s name. People like photo captions, so we’d like to provide good information: general area, what’s been captured in the image, photographers name, type of camera used and any comments on the image – for example, “the camera was set up on a moose carcass,” or “tracks indicated bears were frequenting this trail,” or for researchers, what kind of project is being conducted.

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A trail camera image of a wolf pack at the remains of a moose carcass near Gustavus. The image has been cropped slightly, the bear image below is full frame.
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A brown bear at the same site.

Send images and information to Riley Woodford at For questions, e-mail or call 907-465-4256.

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